dinsdag 12 april 2011

Jerusalem, Arabia (Ports of Call, OTR)

[Ports of Call is] an obscure series from 1935 or 1936 in which each episode deals with a voyage to a different country where events of that country's history are dramatized. (Archive.org)

Dat inwoners van de Verenigde Staten van Amerika het vaak hebben over Europe, alsof het één land is, daar ben ik al aan gewend. Maar bij het beluisteren van een aflevering van de Amerikaanse hoorspelserie Ports of Call keek ik toch even op; in deze aflevering figureert Jeruzalem namelijk als een belangrijke stad in Arabia.

[3m09s] ''Jerusalem. Today the meeting place for people of every race of a hundred creeds. In the narrow twisting streets dought Arabs in ragged billowing robes jostle American and European tourists. Turks, Greeks, Armenians, Syrians, jewish patriarchs pass in an unending and colorful throng. The bazars and coffee houses are crowded and from the confusion of voices comes snatches of a dozen tongues as in many minutes. Small doggies, their enormous burdens, their tiny feet pricking sharply on the cobbles, their drivers roaring curses in every dialect of the Near East. The ancient walls of the city have fallen into ruins. And the palaces of the kings are mounts of earth and rubble, among which archeologists toil with endless patience, seeking to reconstruct from the fragments they unearth, a picture of the grandeur and the glory of the days before recorded history. Where once Solomon's temple lifted its golden jewel pillars, now stands the bithering mosque of Omar from whose slender minaret the voice of the muezzin summons the faithful to prayer.
''Arabia. Strange tortured land. Conquered by countless rulers, yet outliving them one by one. Waiting through the slow centuries for the fulfilment of her destiny.'' [4m20s]

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