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zondag 27 maart 2011

RADIOPLAY To the shores of Tripoli (1943)

"To the shores of Tripoli" is aflevering #316 uit de hoorspelserie Cavalcade of America (CALV) en werd voor het eerst uitgezonden op 1 februari 1943.

”The Cavalcade of America documented historical events using stories of individual courage, initiative and achievement, often with feel-good dramatizations of the human spirit’s triumph against all odds. This was consistent with Du Pont’s overall conservative philosophy and legacy as an American company dating back to 1802. The company’s motto, “Maker of better things for better living through chemistry,” was read at the beginning of each program, and the dramas emphasized humanitarian progress, particularly improvements in the lives of women, often through technological innovation.” archive.org/details/OTRR_Cavalcade_of_America_Singles

Twee citaten uit de eerste minuten van het hoorspel:

INTRODUCTION ”Tonight on Cavalcade of America we’re going to tell a story 138 years old. The story of our first military exploit on those [Libyan] shores. The almost incredible tale of Bill Eaton, a smart sparkling Connecticut yankee, who in 1805 rides off and conquers Africa’s richest province with only eight United States marines and a handful of Arab mercenaries to help him.” [00m24s-00m46s]

Een Amerikaanse gevangene wordt gedwongen om te kijken naar hoe een vlaggenmast met daaraan de Amerikaanse vlag met een bijl wordt omgehakt. ”Ah, so, the flagpole has [been] chopped down. The Yankee flag is in the dirt. Look well at it, American. Now Tripoli is at war with the United States of America.” [02m11s-02m24s]

Luister via onderstaande player naar To the shores of Tripoli:
CALV 430201 #316 To the shores of Tripoli (1943) abdulwadud.web-log.nl/files/calv_430201_316_to_the_shores_of_tripoli.mp3



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