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zaterdag 25 februari 2006

Leesvoer voor melige moslims

Geschikt leesvoer voor melige moslims: IslamicaNews.com. Neem bijvoorbeeld: "Islamicorp Releases ‘Virtual Jum’ma’: Exciting Software Debuts ‘Plug and Pray’ Technology.

"SILIKHAN DESERT, CA – An Islamicorp press release early this morning by President Samir Sansalat ushered in a new era of Islamic software. Named ‘Virtual Jum’ma’, the latest software release by the makers of ‘CyberWudu’ and ‘E-Hajj’ promises to continue the efforts by the California-based software giant. "(…) Users of the software are transported into the ‘Virtual Masjid’, which is a modified level from the popular Quake computer game. When entering the Virtual Masjid, users are given their first challenge by finding a place to store their ‘virtual sandals.’ Once inside the prayer hall, the ‘virtual e-mam’ gives a ‘virtual khutba’ to the user and other ‘virtual Muslims.’ "(…) ‘We added a feature called the ‘Quick mode’ that allows you to opt out of the khutba completely and just catch the final two virtual rukus – just like in real life,’ boasted Sansalat."

Klik op deze link voor de complete tekst van het "artikel".

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